Why marketing through social media?



Social media defined as computer-mediated technologies that allow the creating and sharing of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression via virtual communities and networks. This is a long definition, in my words, it is something digital and can connect and communicate with people. No matter they are you are friends or some famous people, you can feel kind of connection and reachable.

The world is changing as well as the ways of communication is changing. For the future, social media will definitely continue to grow. As my point of view, using social media to marketing have 2 major benefits. Frist, reach more customers. Second, easily gain brand awareness.

Reach more customers

Social nomics says the world largest population is Facebook population!!!!  And the second largest is China’s population. When its reach more people, it will be more customer.


Just have a think of how many of you guys have ever buy a product that your friends or some famous people shared or recommend? Is anyone buying some product because of the facebook advertising or promotions? When some of the social media reach the world largest population and keep growing up, for marketers and companies, it is a great opportunity marketing and to generate more revenue.

Brand awareness

Through social media, brand awareness can be gain easily as the things being shared with more and more times. For those small companies, it is the perfect way to lower their spending as well as to gain awareness.

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  1. What about the pitfalls of social media for small businesses? Isn’t it a large time commitment? What should they be aware of before they sign up to social media sites?

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    1. I think for small business,it is easy to gain some word of mouth in social and it would be the cheapest and fastest way for them to expend. However,it is also easy to gain some negative WOM. As my point of view,it wont be a largetime commitment. Before they sign up,I think they need to figure out mission,target and what effect they want to achieve by the official site.


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