The sharing economy – Wifi sharing

In the class activity, our group came out an idea about sharing the wifi to other people. I did some online search and I find out somebody did forehead. This is a news back to September 2016, Brisbane start-up creates a wifi sharing economy to utilising unwanted data. A software engineer invents a device for homes to sell their unused, unwanted data to others.


What our group thinking is to developed an App allows people to use everywhere for providing WiFi or receive WiFi from others.  Our income is from one to one transaction and earns 20% from those transactions.  80% will belong to the people who provides the WiFi. The App will have notifications whenever the phone detect a WiFi nearby, it can be when you travel abroad or just at the bus stop waiting for a bus. People registered as a member, they can have a digital wallet inside the app, as they can transfer their earnings to their credit card or paying someone from their credit card.


There are many sharing economies apps exists nowadays.  According to Anji’s article, sharing economy already influenced transportation (Uber ); lodging (Airbnb); labor (TaskRabbit and Homejoy); education (Udemy); DIY businesses (Etsy and eBay); legal and HR services (UpCounsel and Recruitloop); and logistics (Deliv) among others.

The sharing economy allows people to conveniently access goods and services in sustainable ways, to engage in new experiences, and to capitalize on greater economic efficiency.  However, there are some reminder for the marketers.  As sharing economy growing, marketers need to keep their marketing effective, trust-able and more competitive.





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  1. ying666 says:

    sharing economy is a trend nowadays. Sharing economy is actually exits in many areas. If you are interesting, you can check my post, which introduce the toilet sharing.

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    1. I will check it out! Thanks!


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