Lucky money attraction rule – Mobile Marketing.

Nowadays more and more people using smartphones. WeChat as a Chinese most popular platform it can have a huge effect on marketing in China.

What’s WeChat?3-steps-to-reach-chinas-affluent-customers-through-wechat-5-638

Basically, WeChat is an App contains a lot of features from many apps, it includes digital wallet, GPS, maps, video call, voice call, investment, my moment, find people nearby and even taxi service.  It still enlarges and grow.

Some Amazing facts about WeChatwechat_logo (1)

WeChat release on January 2011, by the date of  January 2015, there are 1.1 billion accounts.  There are 768 million user in average active in daily, 639 million acesss it through smartphones. There are 12 million of WeChat corporate account, 70 million people use it outside the China. Over 50% of users open it more than 10 times a day, 69% of WeChat revenue come form mobile advertisement and sales.  300 million users attach their credit card to their WeChat wallet.

Lucky money – “red envelope”


In some Asian countries,  “red envelope” is an tradition that during the new year period elders give the younger money to give them bless. As WeChat successful launched ‘red envelope’ the tradition now transform to be more digital. Send ‘red envelope’ to friends and customers become a new way to stay connect.

As China rang in the year of the monkey, its internet giants were vying for the attention of smartphone owners.


( Source from:

Popular messaging app WeChat launched a “red envelope” scheme that allows users to gift random amounts of money to one another. For example, a person might offer up 200 RMB (about AUS$40) total in cash and distribute it at random to a selected number of friends(up to 100 friends or groups people). Some friends might win bigger than others, leading to grins and cringes all around.

The scheme originated in 2014 as WeChat’s attempt to lure users on to its mobile payment system, WeChat Payments. It was wildly successful, leading tens of millions of smartphone owners to attach their bank cards to the app—thereby opening the door for purchasing rides, meals, and other goods on WeChat.

Since then, gifting digital red envelopes has become a tradition. According to Tencent, WeChat’s parent company, users sent more than 8 billion red envelopes to one another by the end of February 8th. That marks an eight-fold increase from the year prior.


( Source from:

Nowadays, an interesting phenomenon happens that company using this scheme to attract customers to look at their advertisement and gain more sales.  For digital marketers, it is a newly creative way to marketing, large Wechat populations and the daily use rate shows it can be worked, but some risks undertake.  Firstly, company need to figure out how much money they want to spend on “red envelope”  and will the customers unsatisfied about the amount of money? Secondly, Can company find the right targeted customers? What if customers come to money and did not buy anythings?




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  1. darcyhills says:

    Hi Miracle. Wow! I didn’t know this sort of app existed. I’ll be very interested to see how it continues to grow, and how digital marketers utilise it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, Darcy. Hahh, you can download one and starting to try it now.


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